Places to Visit in New Zealand – Coromandel Peninsula Cruise


Places to Visit in New Zealand

Coromandal Peninsula New Zealand Photo source: J. Proctor

We recently enjoyed a brief road trip around the central part of the North Island of New Zealand. The scenery was spectacular, the food was world class and it was a wonderful way to relax and re-energize. The Coromandel Peninsula is an area of New Zealand we had never visited before and it’s absolutely one of the places to visit in New Zealand.

I puzzled about why, when I was a 19-year-old backpacker traveling New Zealand with my friend Suellen, we didn’t go to this area. I soon realized that we’d probably been advised not to go there because we were hitch-hiking (oh yes, those were the days of being 10 feet tall and bulletproof!). It is an area where any lift would have to take you to the next ‘big’ town because there was nothing in between.

Lush farms and organic produce

Fast forward to now and we relished being in such lush countryside driving through predominantly dairy and fruit farms, observing the beehives carefully tended on most produce farms.  We admired the pigs, ostriches, and alpacas. In other parts of the peninsula, we drove through the lush rain forest and beside stunning coastal scenery, more beautiful than anything I’ve seen anywhere in the world.

Whitianga, Coromandal Peninsula

The highlight was taking a cruise at Whitianga. Ken from Cathedral Cove Scenic Tours was the perfect host, knowledgeable, fun, and aware of each of his clients,  making sure we got the photos we wanted, were warm enough, etc…… All these little things make for an enjoyable tourist experience.


An interesting career change

With my professional interest in career change and my personal interest in people’s stories, I couldn’t help but ask him how he came to be doing this work.  With delight, he told me that he and his wife had always planned to move to this area but a redundancy hastened the process.  Rather than moving five years later, as planned, they made the move to the Coromandel Peninsula and bought the tour boat business.  He looked at me and said, almost in a boyish way, “This is my work.  This is what I do every day.  How lucky am I!”

He had no idea that my professional life is spent helping people make major career changes, nor did he know what joy those words would give me.  If only everyone could feel that way about their work!


Stunning scenery

Wherever you look in this area the scenery is spectacular. If you have the opportunity to visit New Zealand, treat yourself to a few days of fresh air, beautiful food and stunning vistas on the Coromandal Peninsula. 

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