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 Hi, I am Jenni. I want to share with you this amazing system that is enabling us to live the lifestyle we want after retiring from our traditional careers.

BoomersNextStep owners,Jenni Proctor & David Proctor

This Method Is So Powerful It “Works” Even in A Bad Economy. Discover the TRUTH of How to Make Money Online and Finally Create the Income You Desire!

The next 7 minutes will change your entire life but ONLY IF… you STOP what you are doing right now and pay attention to every word on this page.

But first...

Let me ask you this...

Have you ever noticed that no matter what money making opportunity you choose…

  • Cost Per Action (C.P.A)
  • Multi Level Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Product Creation

They always make it sound as easy as 1-2-3. All you need to do is buy this “one product” and BOOM…

Get ready for the cash to start pouring in from the heavens…

Yeah right! As great as that sounds, you and I both know that never happens

A Perfect Example…

You get all excited to learn you’ve found the key to making money online.

So you buy the product.

Then you…

…realize that; traffic does not equal sales and there is still more to learn.

After dropping a small fortune on one product, you discover that you now need to buy another before you can start making money.

You instantly become disheartened when, yet again, you’ll need to buy another and another and so on…

…Making You Feel Trapped On An Endless Cycle of Spending Money on “The One Missing Thing” …

Sound Familiar?

  • Have you bought other info-products, courses and “push-button systems” that promise the world but FAIL you every single time?
  • Have you struggled to get QUALITY traffic to your websites that actually convert into sales and commissions in your bank account?
  • Do you feel frustrated at the amount of time and energy you’ve spent trying to make money online with absolutely NOTHING to show for it?
  • Do you ever wish somebody would just give you a simple step by step plan you could actually follow that would create real results?
  • Are you ready to take action and follow a simple step-by-step program where all the complicated stuff is already done-for-you and all you have to do is follow the steps?

So For The Million Dollar Question…

…Why can’t they just create an “all inclusive product” that shows you every step you need to take to make money online?

Imagine if every BIG SHOT marketer gave their customers the cure and laid out EVERY STEP you needed to create your own magic money making kingdom …

There’d be no reason for YOU to buy more products.

Giving you all the steps… would mean their “gravy train” would come to a screeching halt…

…and they would make far less money.

…This is something they are not prepared to do.

They’d much rather, cleverly feed you a teaspoon of information, leaving you thirsty for more; making you feel like there’s always…

“One More Thing To Figure Out,
BEFORE You Can Make Money”

Here Is What You Need To Know Right Now

You don’t need more information. More information is NOT going to get you more money now.

More information will make you more overwhelmed & confused...
More information will only make you unsure of what you should be doing NEXT...
More information will give you more options, more possibilities and hence more choices for you to make.
And more choices lead only to confusion...

You Don't Need Any More Info Products,
Biz-Ops or "Push Button" Make
Money Software!

You Need a SYSTEM!

A simple and PROVEN Step-by-Step System that you can follow to create leads and sales… FAST!

I want you to know what is possible when you follow my proven Step-By-Step System.

The reality is that you can create REAL results… REAL sales and commissions in your bank account starting as soon as this week.

The Real Problem with Making Money Online is That… Internet Marketing is Complicated!

It’s true. No matter what some shady marketers online will tell you… there is no such thing as an easy, automated push button income online that takes zero work.

The Reality Is That… Internet Marketing Is a Business.  Like ANY successful business it Does Take Commitment and Work!

AND… there are certain things you simply MUST have in your business if you want to see profits. I can virtually guarantee that right now you are missing several of these important elements.

In just 5 minutes from now…I’m going to hand you the keys to the “All Inclusive” secret they’ve been hiding from you for so damn long…

For more years than I'm prepared to admit my work online was a combination of fascination and frustration! Why was I not seeing the success I had hoped for?  What was I doing wrong, or not doing at all? Using this proven approach I have transformed my online hobby into a successful reliable money making business.

This series of videos, produced for me by my friend Sarah, show you exactly what to do, where to go and how to set things up, giving you the laser focus clarity you need to… Experience your own income transformation in 90 days or less, if you are prepared to put in the work, even if you’re a complete beginner.

SO What Makes This Different, Jenni?

In this breakthrough training, you are going to learn the exact STEP-BY-STEP process that EVERY top earning marketer online uses... that virtually no one teaches!!

It's true.

Most marketers only want to SELL YOU products you "think" you need.

But very few will actually TEACH you exactly what you need to know.

If What I’ve Said Above Entices You… I Guarantee That This “All Inclusive Training” Will Be a Revelation to Your New Ability to Create Ongoing Profits.…

If You Want To Make Money Online Here Is What You NEED:

  • A high converting lead capture page to get leads
  • A valuable “lead magnet” or bribe to offer your leads
  • A well designed, high converting sales funnel to convert your leads into sales.
  • A high converting front end offer to acquire customers
  • A back-end "up sell" funnel to get repeat buyers and increase your profits
  • A high quality email follow up campaign to build a relationship with your leads and get more sales
  • Additional offers and products to maximize your profits and guarantee you don’t lose money
  • A great source of quality traffic that will bring you unlimited traffic and leads to fuel your business

And that’s just the basics!

Now HERE Is The Reality...

It would take you months to build everything you need to succeed online like those top marketers receiving their awards on stage.

And that’s if... you already know what you are doing and know how to build websites and sales funnels.

But What if…

All of the Important Elements of Your Money Making System Were Already Built For You…

With that being said, I’d like to introduce you to the

Affiliate Marketing Mastery

A complete 6 Video Training Course on…

  • ​How to create your own product that sells and keep 100% of the profits.
  • Where to get a never ending supply of high quality, low cost traffic
  • The revolutionary marketing secret to skyrocket your list to thousands of subscribers
  • Consistently converting good leads into happy customers.
  • The ONE hidden truth none of the marketing gurus will tell you, that’s responsible for 60-80% of their PROFITS… and how you can easily add this HUGE profit boosting element to your business as well.

I’ll take you by the hand and show you what to do, how to do it and what to do next…

Picture how much blood, sweat and tears this “profit pulling” secret will save you…

What People Are Saying About Affiliate Marketing Mastery

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Awesome Training! So Detailed And Easy To Follow”

I picked up a copy of Affiliate Marketing Mastery about a week ago and have to say that this is one of the best $7 courses I have EVER bought! I have been in the MMO/IM niche for about a year and have bounced around from shiny object to shiny object without much success. After going thru this course I now understand what I was doing wrong and how to fix it! I will be making money in no time!

Simone P. 

“Wow 2 hours of real training for only a few bucks...”

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a really cool training that helped me tie everything together about working from home in this online world. When you join a system, it sounds like it is all included, but its often not. It can be confusing to make a purchase with out all the facts. These videos really explained what I really need. and how everything works. I wish I went through this training months ago, it would have saved me some money for sure. Jenni really knows her stuff and I'm fortunate to have met her to help me with my business.

Taylor G. 
John Doe UI/UX Designer

So How Much Is This All Inclusive Training Going To Cost Me?

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So Right Now You Have 2 Choices...

There are always 2 options in life... keep doing what you have always done and get the same results OR start doing something different and get different results...

If you are flat out tired of failing and are truly ready to leverage what I have already built for you then you need to get my system TODAY! You have NOTHING to lose here.

What You SHOULD Do

  • You can finally learn what it REALLY takes to succeed online and start building a REAL sustainable and profitable online business just like the hundreds of students who work with me in my program.

What You COULD Do

  • You can go back to chasing after "shiny-objects", wasting your hard earned money on more scams, get-rich quick programs, endlessly spinning your wheels, losing more money and more time. 

Here's a "What You Get" With Affiliate Marketing Mastery

  • You are going to learn the exact STEP-BY-STEP process that EVERY top earning marketer online uses... that virtually no one teaches!!
  • How to create your own product that sells and keep 100% of the profits.
    • Where to get a never ending supply of high quality, low cost traffic
  • The Revolutionary Marketing Secret To Skyrocket Your List To Thousands Of Subscribers
    • Consistently converting good leads into happy customers.
  • The ONE Hidden Truth none of the gurus will tell you and how you can easily add this HUGE profit booster to your business as well. 

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



VALUE: $97

MASSIVE MOTIVATION: Discover How To Find Your Deeper Motivation And How To Successfully Manipulate It In Order To Achieve Your Goals

· How Controlling Your Motivation Can Improve Your Life
· What Causes Low Levels Of Motivation?
· How To Find A Source Of Motivation That Is Effective For You
· Tactics To Increase Your Motivation
· Sustaining Your Motivation For Long Periods Of Time
· Bite-Sized Goals - Make Them Easier
· And Much Much More!

BLOG AUTHORITY: Do You Want To Make A Living Online With Your Own Profitable Blog? Follow These Steps To Become A Successful Blogger.

· Blogging Statistics And Why You Should Care
· How To Pick The Right Blog Platform
· How To Customize Your Blog's Appearance
· How To Write And Create Killer Blog Content
· How To Add Video And Images To Your Blog For More Engagement
· Socializing Your Blog - The Basics
· And Much More!

VALUE: $97

VALUE: $97

NICHE AUTHORITY: Picking The Right Niche Is Vital To Your Online Success. Learn How To Find Hot Niche Markets And Dominate The One You Choose.

· What is a Niche? Some Statistics
· Combining a Niche With a Personal Brand
· Go Where the Money Is... What Makes a Niche Profitable?
· Zeroing in on a Certain Demographic
· Researching Your Niche and Coming Up With Topics
· Keyword Research Tools To Find Hot Niches
· And Much Much More!

TRAFFIC FLOW: Learn How You Can Use The Most Effective Methods To Drive A Steady Stream Of Visitors To Your Site From Different Sources.

· How To Get Traffic From Social Media
· How To Get Traffic From Facebook Ads
· How To Get Traffic From Search Engines
· How To Get Traffic From Forums
· How To Get Traffic From Video Marketing
· And Much More!

VALUE: $97

VALUE: $97

SOCIAL MEDIA DOMINATION: How To Create A Consistent & Engaging Brand Across Social Media And How To Thrive Across All Platforms To Build An Audience.

· How Social Media Goes Wrong
· Twitter | How Twitter Works
· Pinterest | How Pinterest Works
· How to Succeed on Facebook
· Instagram | How Instagram Works
· How Do You Want To Be Known On Social Media?
· And Much Much More!

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You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and content of the System you are fully protected with my Zero Risk, No Questions Asked, 100% Refund Guarantee. Just let me know within 30 Days and I'll send you a prompt refund.

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P.S.  I am going to doing everything in my power to over deliver and give you everything you need to help you to succeed. I will be handing you the keys to the same techniques, strategies and shortcuts, that were responsible for my break through success. You’ll be blown away from how quickly and easily you’ll start to collect deposits online.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality and content of the System you are fully protected with my Zero Risk, No Questions Asked, 100% Refund Guarantee. Just let me know within 30 Days and I'll send you a prompt refund.

Add To Cart - Just $7​