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Boomers Surprising Lifestyle Trends

The generation known as Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, have created new trends at every stage of their lives because of the large number of people born in that generation. Of all of the baby boomers surprising lifestyle trends the rise of boomerpreneurs
has perhaps been the most significant of all.

Boomers Surprising Lifestyle Trends - building a Lifestyle business

Have you noticed that many of the baby boomer generation are now choosing to combine their chosen lifestyle and leisure with income producing activities?

I first became aware of the trend towards older people learning about online business when I began to attend internet marketing workshops to help me market my business. When I started this quest to learn about online business, about 12 years ago, there were quite a few people of the 50+ demographic but over time I’ve observed the numbers growing strongly and the success of boomerpreneurs becoming common enough to be considered a definite lifestyle trend.

Perhaps it was that I was so interested in this demographic professionally that I took notice initially.  Perhaps it was that I felt that I may be a little bit weird trying to be a successful entrepreneur when I was at the stage of life that friends were starting to look forward to retirement!

Well, weird I may have been, but I certainly wasn’t alone!  And the longer I’ve been working in this fascinating arena the more people I’ve met who have similarly embraced online business in the second half of their lives.

Now that offers online business education and support I am hearing so many wonderful stories of people who have become successful entrepreneurs – boomerpreneurs – after leaving the careers that they were known for most of their lives.

Technology gives us so many wonderful opportunities that were not around for previous generations. With the likelihood of living longer than people did just 20 years ago, and with the desire that most people have not to outlive their savings, it is not wonder that so many baby boomers are making their next step towards online business….and as boomers’ surprising lifestyle trends go this is a very financially prudent trend.

Watch this video to find out what one retired school teacher has been doing with the first few years of her retirement!