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Rethinking Your Retirement

About The Author

Jenni Proctor is an Australian award winning Career and Transition Consultant who has specialised in helping mature aged workers seeking a career change. Through this work she recognized that many Baby Boomers are questioning traditional “retirement” concepts and would prefer to incorporate some form of additional income and an economic purpose in their lives, yet at the same time they don’t want to sacrifice their lifestyle dreams.

To achieve this requires planning and some learning, but the rewards can be great. This book helps baby boomers achieve this goal.

Past career

A teacher and school librarian for many years, Jenni followed her fascination about how people gain direction and purpose in their lives by studying for a Master of Career Development. Since then she has won national awards for her work with Career Education and established Clarity Career Management (originally Career Clarity) as a successful career consultancy business.

Jenni’s need to learn about developing and marketing her small business lead to a deep interest in the power of the internet for small business marketing and delivery of services. Many of her clients have now made their most exciting career change…from employee to lifestyle entrepreneur.