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Keynote Speaker

Older Workers’ Issues

Jenni ProctorBringing a new perspective to mature age workers – Transitions, Retirement planning, Retention 

Jenni Proctor is an entertaining professional speaker who will give your attendees a new perspective on career issues, particularly regarding mature age workers.

Challenging participants to recognize that the next phase of life can be whatever they want it to be, Jenni encourages workers to consider their many options beyond the traditional concepts of a passive retirement at a set age.

Conferences and Meetings

The following presentations can be between 60 minutes to 120 minutes in duration, depending on your requirements.

“Baby Boomers Mean Business”

Businesses need to retain the expertise and knowledge of Baby Boomers.  This presentation is aimed at helping over 50s recognise their value in the workforce, with strategies to make themselves valued, to change career direction and to get new jobs.

“Don’t Retire, Reinvent Your Life”

Challenging the concept of living a “traditional” retirement, this presentation exposes the reality of life in the future for today’s baby boomers who are underprepared financially for retirement, and encourages them to use their skills, experiences and interests to reinvent an actively engaged future, incorporating some income-producing activities into their planning. Transition to retirement lifestyle strategies will also be discussed.

“Create a Switched-on 21st Century Retirement”

With technology so readily available, today’s Baby Boomers can create income producing businesses from their own home.  Using the skills and experience that they have acquired over the years, combined with some new knowledge of how the online world of business works, it is easy to develop a passive income stream to support the future lifestyle.


From one hour to a full weekend, workshops can be designed around these topics to suit your particular requirement.  Jenni Proctor is an experienced trainer, presenting workshops as a consultant to other organisations as well as for Career Clarity and Boomers Next Step.

Enquiries can be made directly to or 1300 851821

Brief Presentations – Network Meetings or Expos

Brief presentations can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your event and your clients. Suggested topics:

  • So You Think You’re Too Old – Career Adaptation or Change for Mature Workers
  • What Are You Doing For The Next 25 Years?
  • Planning your Transition to Retirement
  • Non-traditional Retirement Options for Switched On Baby Boomers
  • Never Too Late to Learn – Internet Business Basics Explained
  • Sack the Boss and Live Life On Your Terms

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