Hiding Behind A Mask: Facial Palsy

Sometimes life has a way of reminding us that we are fairly powerless and inconsequential.

Facial Palsy Bells Palsy
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Bilateral Facial Palsy

Eleven days ago I suddenly developed a facial palsy.  It looks like Bells Palsy, which I had about ten years ago, but it has impacted both sides of my face.  This set off alarm bells for the doctors as Bells Palsy almost always affects only one side of the face.  I couldn’t manage a normal MRI (I know it’s stupid but I’m claustrophobic). An MRI under sedation and a lumbar puncture are being organised to see what has caused this palsy to happen.

Facial palsy doesn’t just affect your face.

It affects your interactions, your communication and your confidence. I hate that I can’t smile or laugh properly. I’m strangely warped and expressionless. My eyebrow doesn’t move, my right eye won’t close properly, and although my speech is getting clearer, I look very odd when I speak. It  is tempting to hide away from the world. It’s the time of the year which is usually the most social and fun and I love a good party…but not right now.

Plans have to be postponed

I’m sharing this with you because a lot of my #BoomersNextStep plans for the next two months have to be shelved and the blog and facebook page will not be getting much attention from me.  I’m tired, I’m worried and I don’t have any desire to sit at the computer. In fact I don’t have any desire to do much at all.  I certainly can’t make the videos I was about to start making! The facial palsy has affected my appearance so video doesn’t appeal to me at all.  It never did really!

Usually working on #BoomersNextStep is a great pleasure for me but any work I do right now is not going to be from the heart.

Stuff happens

I’m certainly not looking for sympathy.  So many people have much worse things happening in their lives.  Stuff happens to everyone at different times, and I guess this is my turn.  But when you have a small business it is difficult to just walk away from it suddenly without telling people and without some negative consequences.  I hope my lovely assistant will be able to continue to keep the blog and FB page alive.

My fervent hope is that when I’m back at work you will still be connected and we can pick up where we left off, helping awesome people embrace their age and stage of life and live their lives in a way that suits them best.

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Meanwhile if you have an urge to write a blog post that fits in with the content and spirit of #BoomersNextStep please send it through to us – admin@BoomersNextStep.com.au.  I’d love to read your stories and it would be great to have some content being posted over this time.

Warmest wishes,


Jenni Proctor