Relationships can be tricky! Many baby boomers feel like they are a sandwich generation, with demands on their time coming from elderly parents or relatives as well as adult children and grandchildren. Personal relationships, long term marriages, dating, friendships…all have to be juggled….as you create the lifestyle you want for the future.

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How To Deal With Conflict In The Workplace (And At Home)

By Jenni Proctor / March 15, 2019

Managing conflict in the workplace Dealing with difficult people and conflict in the workplace are serious issues that people usually point to when they are unhappy in their work.  A cycle of […]

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Family funeral traditions

The Big Send Off: Funeral Traditions

By Jenni Proctor / March 14, 2019

Death and funeral traditions differ throughout the world. Ideally they should reflect the life of the deceased. This post reflects on personal experience of funeral traditions.

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school reunion props

50 Year School Reunion

By Jenni Proctor / December 5, 2018

Does the thought of a school reunion leave you feeling like hiding in a cupboard, never to reappear until the reunion is over? Or would you love to catch up […]

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death of a parent

Coping With The Death Of Your Parents

By Jenni Proctor / June 27, 2014

How Have You Coped With The Death Of Your Parents? It doesn’t matter how old you are, or how emotionally mature, when a parent dies it has a huge impact […]

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