How To Choose The Perfect Career At 40 And Over


How To Choose The Perfect Career At 40 And Over

Ever found yourself wondering where you would begin to figure out how to choose the perfect career, something new that you would be really excited and passionate about?

Are you thinking “Right… Now that sounds impossible!”

Have a job? Do you like what you do for your job? How long have you had this job?

Define Your Life Goals and Business Goals To Figure Out How To Pick The Perfect Career

It is definitely possible and can be empowering when you can figure out how to pick the perfect career. It is helpful when you write down in detail your life goals and your business goals and list the prerequisites you need for your new career or business.

What things are you most passionate about? Your family and loved ones? Do you want to have the time and financial freedom you dream about?

Possibly your innermost passion boils down to being able to make a difference in the world by helping others.

It could be something as basic as wanting a new car or house.

Understanding your passion means knowing your WHY, your CAUSE, your MISSION, the driving forces that fill you with energy and excitement and motivates you to take daily ACTION!

Is there a specific activity you are really passionate about, one you could focus on and use to figure out how to pick your perfect career?


For me personally, this could be travel, skiing, or inspiring and helping others.

What past situations and experiences do you want to avoid in the future? Being scammed, losing money, dealing with people who do not have integrity, or simply being bored at work?

Be sure you put these on your list of needs and prerequisites

Are you fed up with feeling like you’ve been controlled by your job or your boss? With any job, the company ends up making more than you do!

Do you dream about having more flexibility in your life to be able to do the things you want with the people you love new?

Have you been searching for something and are now finding yourself so skeptical you don’t know who or what to believe and aren’t even sure how to perform due diligence?

Do you have specific questions you ask to get the information you need in order to make a solid, informed decision?

Let me share some of my personal experiences in going through this process. I hope it opens your eyes and inspires you to take action so you can plug into something for which you can have passion and excitement too.

I’ve had regular jobs, some I liked, some I couldn’t stand. Having to be at work at the times someone else mandated were never my cup of tea.

There are a variety of entrepreneurial experiences in my past including import/export, telecommunications, three different multi-level-marketing businesses, and being an independent real estate investor.

Some of these choices I made just to make money. The entrepreneurial experience in telecommunications happened with two friends of mine, which ended up being a really bad idea as one of them did not have any integrity when it came to business.


The bottom line is it’s critical to have personal responsibility and to have proper accountability in place.

With three of my entrepreneurial experiences I did not understand the vital necessity of these components and ended up being taken advantage of by individuals I had once trusted.

Hindsight is great. Every one of these outcomes occurred because of one person and one person only… And that would be… Me!

Well, I decided no more being bummed when I looked in the mirror! I’d completely had it and really wanted to get on track for my dreams and I now realized this started with me.

Integrity begins within each of us and this is a great place to begin. I now work on myself just about every day.

I now have passion for what I do. I know my business goals and have a business plan that has allowed me to select prerequisites for how to find the perfect career.

I’ve focused on my personal self-management and productivity, or how to most effectively utilize myself in the time I have. Generally, this is viewed this as time management. Since time is an ever decreasing asset, it makes more sense to me to figure out how to improve the way we manage ourselves within the time we have available.

The mindset I have developed and the related results have started to change dramatically. I’ve cleaned up the clutter in my life, made it a focused point to structure my time into productive chunks and have become more disciplined with how I use my time.

I’ve figured out how to combine my passions for travel and helping others and have a fun idea for how to bring my passion for skiing into the mix.

This really rejuvenates and excites me. It gets my energy jacked up because I can focus on helping others to change their lives.


How To Choose The Perfect Career At 40 And Over?

A few of the most important factors that have helped me the most are:

* Finding a step-by-step comprehensive system I can follow to train and learn something new.

* Finding a personal, professional mentor to help push me and hold me accountable.

* Forming a small like-minded mastermind group to brainstorm, help each other and have accountability built in.

* Working on my personal mindset and leadership skills every day.

* Having a fun method to visualize my dreams and goals daily.

I have made a conscious decision to make sure integrity is at the core of everything I do and is also a defining characteristic for all of my relationships.

Work on figuring out what you want more than anything. Get it on paper. Focus on it. Formulate your business plan for success with your own personal prerequisites to help you determine how to pick the perfect career.



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