4 Tips to Spice Up Your Cover Letter for Job Application


Cover letters aren’t just there to serve as a cover page for your resume. While the debate rages on over their importance, the fact remains that they are a part of your job search and not to be ignored. Here are some new content ideas for your cover letter for job application to keep your readers interested!

4 Tips to Spice Up Your Cover Letter for Job Application

Tips to Spice Up Your Cover Letter for Job Application

Start with a strong statement

At the beginning of the cover letter tell the hiring manager/recruiter why you’re the person for the job. For example, “I was excited to learn of your need for a talented and knowledgeable electrical technical officer. I believe that my combination of specialist training, deep experience and achievements meet your needs extremely well.”

Perhaps the hardest part of writing the job search package yourself is being self-promotional. It’s hard to praise yourself without feeling uncomfortable but that’s what this is all about. However this is no time to be bashful. You’re selling yourself as the BEST candidate to a potential employer. So tell them!


Convey your ability to add value to the organization.

This sounds like a simple one, but it’s incredibly important for an employer to know that you understand the challenges they face and can help them achieve success. For example: “In today’s dynamic and ever-changing workplace, companies need solutions-oriented team players with great attitudes.”

Who wouldn’t want an employee who fits that description on their team?


Highlight your achievements

In three sentences or less, show employers how you improved productivity, drove revenue or increased efficiency in a previous position. Then follow up by letting them know it’s exactly this kind of initiative and commitment you’ll bring to their organization.

Include insight about the industry or their company.

Do your homework! Find out what the latest trend is in the industry or that the hiring manager was recently promoted and comment about it. You could compliment the hiring manager on that promotion or offer some insight about the latest legislation passed that will impact the organization. In this way you show a potential employer that you’re conscientious and have gone the extra mile and this will go a long way towards securing that all-important interview.

Directly address the hiring manager or recruiter.

As a jobseeker, it can be frustrating to send your resume out and not be able to directly address the recruiter or hiring manager on the other end. Think of your cover letter as that conversation – it’s your opportunity to tell the recipient exactly what separates you from the crowd and makes you the best candidate for the job!


Recruiters review hundreds of resumes each week. Your resume only has about 15 seconds to grab their attention. Consider that a certified professional resume writer can help keep yours on top of the pile and increase your chances for getting an interview. Searching for a job is stressful enough. However if you are writing your own application use these tips to spice up your cover letter to raise your chances of getting that interview. Don’t let your resume and cover letter let you down!


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