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Building a Successful Business Through Public Speaking and Teleseminars

For many professional speakers who depended on working with public seminar companies, as an independent contractor, traveling from city to city doing presentations 10 days out of the month doing seminars, they had to figure it out in another way to promote their business and build their clientele. As the Internet started to grow, companies started to spring up, where you could use the bridge lines, to do presentations for free to sell a your services to individuals as opposed to working for companies.

Companies also started to incorporate training through the Internet using teleseminars as training for their employees on various topics. This is a way that companies have been able to cut their expenses on in-house training, by outsourcing rather than hiring someone to come in house and train their employees. This also allows employees to take the training, on their time, as opposed to on the company’s time.

Many professional speakers want to become known as experts on their topic, so they will put together a free teleseminar and market it to their friends through e-mail. This gives them the opportunity to do an overview presentation on a program that they have written as a multiple week mentoring program and training for people who are entrepreneurs, have a home-based business, or work for an employer and need to improve their skills in certain areas of their life, so they can increase their sales and income.

Even if you are just a salesman who sells a product you can incorporate teleseminars as a marketing tool for your products and services so you can increase your income. For years salesman used to go door to door promoting their products through demonstrations. With the advent of the Internet and the use of webinars– where you can upload PowerPoint presentation and videos as demonstrations on line, which also gives you an opportunity to cut your expenses in gas and car insurance. This way, once they have seen the demonstration on line, and like the product, then when you go into their home to do a face-to-face demonstration, your percentage of sales increase.

Since technology is becoming a part of the way it we do business today, everyone who works for themselves or a company needs to learn how to incorporate this into their business practice. The problem is that people who have done business one way find it hard to change how they do business today, therefore, they are the ones who struggle today to find a new job. The new millennial generation is entering the workforce and learned incorporate multimedia into their personal lifestyle and business practice since they grew up using computers and cell phones.

It is the baby boomer generation, who refuse to learn how to incorporate these products and technology into their business, therefore, they are being left behind and their standard of living is lower as their income decreases.

Professional speakers who learned how to use teleseminars market programs on communication, listening, team building or building strong relationships, sales, time management, stress management, and even how to manage other people. By offering a free teleseminar you can give a brief overview of what will be covered in the training program. When you work from home offering a teleseminar your expenses are virtually nothing. Therefore, when you sell a mentoring program, all you have to do is write the training program on your computer and then upload it to your website where participates can go and download it to their computer or have it printed out. There is no expense to except the price of your time since you work from home in your home office. Therefore you are being paid for your expertise on that topic, therefore, your profit is 100% of the sale. In this case you may also have the expense of employees who assist you in your marketing program, only they work from home as your virtual assistant. You will be subcontracting this work out to other home-based business as your virtual assistants, who previously were secretaries or executive assistants in an office. Since they are working from home they have tax breaks and all you would have to do is send them a 1099 for them to submit on their taxes every year to show what the income is for the year.

Having gainful employment today means accepting the fact that the workplace has changed and we have to change our idea about what her job is today.

Ms. Davida Shensky is a professional speaker, trainer, and author of many E-Books and articles. Her specialty is helping clients reach their maximum potential in life and create their own success in life. She has written the book No One Stands in Line to Become Disabled. Through her company Career Performance Insttitute she offers offers teleseminars, webinars, mentoring programs or bootcamps, advocacy, career, life, organizational, and technology coaching.

She holds an AAS in Mental Health and BA in Psychology and attended a Masters program in Rehabilitation Counseling. She attended Toastmasters where she received both the CTM and ATM certifications and participated in the NSA-GA Chapter mentoring program. She attended the American Seminar Leaders Association University where she recived the Certified Seminar Leader (CSL) certification. She attended Stores Online presentation to learn about Internet Marketintg. She has used her real life experiences to established a NPO–International Disabled Entrepreneurs, Inc. (IDE, Inc.) to teach people with disabilities the skills needed to have their own business, resources on where to purchase equipment, and low interest loans. She will be notifying supporters on fundraising prjects.

Ms. Shensky’s company is Career Performance Institute through which she presents teleseminars, webinars, boot camps, advocacy, career, technology organizational, and life coaching. plus written the book No One Stands in Line to Become Disabled. Our company helps clients find their passion and build it into a successful business. We help clients recognize the “limiting beliefs” they have which prevent them from making the right decisions.

Find Best Online Jobs To Work At Home

How do you find online jobs? Available work from home positions? It is not as easy as some make it sound. If you are trying to figure out how to find work from home jobs online or stay at home moms work ,or even The Top Internet Jobs Online you can count yourself in with literally millions of others. Here we will learn how to get a job for you online that you love. The best jobs online seem to be Affiliate marketing jobs. These online jobs arent really jobs as much as they are an opportunity to make money selling products and services of others. In order to find a really good job online or affiliate marketing position some research is needed.

Finding A Legitimate Online Job.

There are some jobs online that offer payment fro writing that are legitimate. I have been in contact with some job posters on Craigslist and such that will pay you for writing articles or post for their website or blog. I have also looked into doing some freelance writing jobs which can be found by joining a freelance writing network easily found thru a Google search. Most of the gigs are highly competitive and I have not had alot of luck with these. I welcome comments or suggestions if anyone has had some success with this method of making money online.

For me the best online jobs or work have been to write articles and or post which present information on a particular subject and hopefully direct or inspire the reader to research the information in hopes of finding a real online job or opportunity that will work for them. I have had success with 2 programs on a regular basis. One of the programs which make me money online on a regular basis involves giving away free money making websites to people who would like to have a job online or work online by selling affiliate products.

These websites that I give away to people are set up and customized with personal affiliate links for the person so they may start earning money online very fast. These sites do work and will generate a handsome and regular commision if a little time is spent to advertise them. You can get a free website to make money with and also promote them to earn money online two ways.

The other method I have had sucess with as far as an online job or way to make money online fast is to use Google adsense in my articles and blogs. I try to create hubs or articles that inspire and have useful and truthful information in them to help give people ideas and information so they too can find an available working at home job or ways to make money online. If you like to write and either use Hubpages as your writing platform or you have a website or blog Google adsense is the best and most trustworthy way to make extra money online that I am aware of.

If you would like to write on Hubpages and generate money online thru Google adsense the you can check out this article and also sign up here

To summerize the best ways I have found to make some real money online or get a online job would be to either make money with Google adsense and/or definately get a free money making website as mentioned above. This is where you can make money as an affiliate and also generate cash giving away free cash making websites to people. These are great places to start for work at home moms.

For additional ways to make real money online and/or find the best online jobs my Google website has many proven ideas and opportunities for you to consider. You can look at and consider additional ways to make money online here. Just to add one last note, For a complete list of available work at home positions that are REAL and Legitimate, check out the link on my box to get some very cool leads on jobs available now.

Working From Home-The Discipline Factor

Deciding to work at home is a huge step towards obtaining financial independence and having an optimized lifestyle. But all too often, people fall victim to distractions and their productivity levels fall off sharply. So we need to ask ourselves why this happens and what we can do to address this inadequacy.

When working a normal 9 to 5 J.O.B., most people base their level of productivity on their surrounding atmosphere of coworkers doing similar if not the same tasks. This gives you a baseline on which to compare ones self as to how much productivity is actually being produced. But when you work at home, there is nothing to reflect on in your home business except what your upline is doing or what you hear on webinars or training calls on the phone, so the end of the equation is you start to slow down and not achieve the wanted results.

There are also many distractions through out the work day at home which will most assuredly lead you off the beat and path. Phone calls is a huge problem I’ve got, others that come to mind are the newspaper, emails, house cleaning, laundry, the family pet’s. All which is ok and needs to be addressed, but only by applying proper time management when you work from home.

Time management is a very key thing to master when working from home. It is very easy to set up a schedule using a spreadsheet such as Microsoft Works or Google documents. Plan out what you need to accomplish and at what time of day you want to do this, and stick to your schedule and get the work done. Certain tasks require a certain amount of time, while others require a certain outcome or level of completion. I use both of these. If you are just starting out with your work from home business, you’ll have to experiment a little and find out how long it takes to do things. Certain things I do, I give myself a certain amount of time, for example , social media, and if I don’t finish, It’s ok because it won’t make or break me. But then when I write articles, That usually takes time to complete, and if your looking to submit a certain number of articles per day, I have to use my time accordingly. If I finish up early, I move on to the next and I don’t go back because tomorrow is another day. That’s one of the benefits when working from home.

Another aspect of productivity and how to maximize it could be to dress like you on your way to the office. Now, keeping in mind with the people that don’t care to follow this measure because that could be a big factor as to why they decided to work at home, these people feel more casual, and dress more casual, I’ve been told some don’t dress at all, and theses people can still be top earners in their niche. Either way, you should still get up and shower, dress to your taste, and hopefully this will put you in a state of mind that will help your productivity.

You also need to have a dedicated workspace. Particularly a room with a door, with no bed in it would be great. A comfortable chair to take a break from the toil is also a good choice. A window to let the day, or night in, which ever time frame you work in, is also critical. I know I enjoy fresh air. That helps me allot.

We should also state here that some people tend to feel trapped, or shut in. You need to take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour, this should be seen on your time management spreadsheet, and extra time added accordingly. Get a glass of water, not coffee, not soda, not alcohol, but water. Your brain and body runs on water. Water is to your body as gasoline is to your vehicle. My mentor taught me this in the beginning and I said the same thing, “Your crazy”. But you know, he was right. The first thing I do when I get up is drink a large glass of water to rehydrate my body. Then I’ll eat something and have a few cups of coffee, but when break time comes on the hour, it’s water. It really does help your mind and body function better. And by the way, taking breaks every hour is another perk when you work from home.

Problem could also arise to the fact that you just can’t work at home due to space constraints. Maybe you don’t have an extra room in the house and your PC is right next to the TV. a great option is to rent some cheap office space somewhere, or just a room. You wouldn’t technically be working from home, but at least you’d still be in charge.

You should also keep in mind that there will be days when you have to leave the house, to do your shopping, doctors appointments, work on your own vehicles, sports activities with the kids, and you may not get nothing accomplished. But that’s ok and that’s the beauty of working at home, you don’t have to tell the boss that you have to leave early, or take a day off because your in command.

Working at home to achieve financial freedom and at the same time, optimizing your lifestyle is the way to go if you have the discipline to be productive. It requires timeliness and consistency just like any other job, but if you get it right, it can be very rewarding. So get your spreadsheets out and start being the master of your craft.

By Thomas P. Lane – To learn more about Thomas, log on to

Why Internet Marketing is Hard For Baby Boomers

Here is a common scenario. I see some version of it nearly every day. A baby boomer comes to the realization that the plan they have been on all their life hasn’t worked quite as well as hoped. Maybe a divorce. Maybe a medical situation. Maybe a lost job. The cause isn’t nearly as important as the situation.

At the same time many boomers find their peak years behind them, they also find that their future isn’t so bright. In many cases, it’s downright scary.

So, what do they do? Start an online business, of course. It looks easy, but they soon find out it’s not. Here are three of the most common reasons for that.

1. The Honesty Factor — Most of us were raised when a handshake meant something. If you agreed on something and shook hands on it, it was done. No one sniveled out of it from either side, and lawyers weren’t needed to sort it out.

On the Internet, anonymity allows people to tell you something (”I’m making thousands a week,” “I’ll be a great upline,” “No recruiting necessary,” etc.) that isn’t true and still get away with it.

Baby boomers still hold onto the hope that things work with “handshakes” on the Internet, but as a rule, they don’t. When you find someone who also has the honesty factor, stick with them. You don’t even have to be in the same business. Gradually, you will be surrounded by people you can trust, and things will get easier.

2. The Shame Factor — Most boomers were raised when “Shame on you” meant something. It actually was one of the worst things that could be said to you or about you. Nobody wanted shame on them.

Sadly, most of the Internet seems to work on hype over truth. The bigger the claims, the more people will fall for it. Boomers expect things to be true, and are mostly surprised to find out when they aren’t.

It would be easier if there was a Shame Factor, but there isn’t.

3. The Technology Factor — We were amazed when the Apollo spacecrafts made it to the moon, and they did it with a computer that had 4k of memory. Now, I can hold a computer in my hand that has 2 million times that.

We may not have even seen a computer up close until we were in our thirties or forties. We had to have help turning it on.

Meanwhile, the people dominating the Internet knew more by the time they were ten than we’ll ever know. It’s not exactly a level playing field. We’d be better off if we played by the rules of Hopscotch or Mumblypeg, but we don’t.

For boomers, it’s not how much we know, but exactly what we know. We can learn enough, but need to know what that should be, and the “gurus” aren’t going to tell us that.

If you are a boomer, and you are struggling with making some money on the Internet, considering the three factors working against you as you evaluate opportunities and the people who offer them can save you bundles of time, money, and frustration.

Author: Jack Beddall For a quick how to on making money on the Internet read Barbara Lings new ebook 21 Easy Steps to putting your business on the Internet.

Do You Want to Become an Executive Recruiter?

Disclosure is required: I have never worked as an executive recruiter. But I have been on both sides of the search dynamic: as someone being recruited for a position, and as someone working with a recruiter to fill positions in my former organization. So I have a direct and personal knowledge of how that particular quest-and-fulfillment works.

It’s not simple to hire the best possible person for an open position. It does not happen, in my experience, as often as it should. At its best the search process should result in perfect-fit vacancy filling, with both sides-employer, candidate-winning. I believe such failure (which I can’t quantify but have clearly seen from experience) is that neither party divulged enough of “what they really want.”

Again, none of this is easy. And the blame, if that’s the proper word, falls not to the employer or the candidate, but to the Search Executive. And that’s because, in my view, not enough extra-job information was gathered from the employer.

A job position description exists to be filled. It is written, often times, with precision and clarity. That, to me, is less the overall point than this-that the non-task components of the search were left out, which is to say that culture-congruence, while elusive and difficult to capture on paper, is crucial, vital to perfect-fit job filling. One might say that skills are skills. It the employer is looking for “A” set of abilities, then finding someone with that “A” set is not so difficult.

Existing professionals may argue with me here; after all, hundreds of calls need to be made, vetting put in place, reference checks followed up on. Granted, that takes time.

But maybe not so much time and care are given to helping the employer define the culture of the organization, at the macro level, and the diverse cultures that exist department to department. The overall perception of working at, say, Google may be (and this has been written about extensively) that it is non-traditional, that no dress code prevails, that time is given during the day for employees simply to be creative – just to wander in the lofty realm of creativity and think about the future. And yet, there are department heads at Google – and this was what I noticed in my reading-who are very tough – minded and goal oriented.

Sure, Google may exalt creativity. But managers across the company have to deliver results. The consequence is that culture at Google is variable and elusive. A company may say that “we hire bright people and then let them create.” Fine. But I suspect that’s easier to espouse than to pull off, department head by department head. Even for Google.

And this means that the executive recruiter must grasp and articulate fully the culture of the position at issue. He or she needs to understand the type of personality-regardless of pure ability – that will be most likely to thrive in the given environment. But even this is elusive, because organizations deceive themselves when it comes to their culture. They may wish it were one way or the other; they may believe it is one way or another. But the good search executive, the one ideally you want filling positions, is one who sees the trees for the forest, at first view, and the forest for the trees at the next view.

It is easy to make up numbers about these sort of issues. But I’d guess that, based on my experience, 60 percent to 70 percent of job hires do not work out because of culture incongruences.

It is finally up to the recruiter to discern and define work culture specifics to the greatest extent possible. It is up to the recruiter to match job requirements with verified skills. It is also up to the recruiter to explore work culture and candidate psyche-and to see through the espoused similarities and the subterranean differences.

Stephen Foster is the Principal of

How to Find Home-Based Jobs

If you start searching online for a job you can do in your own office or at your kitchen table, it can get frustrating. You are bound to find a lot of ads that are really business opportunities. I am not going to discuss how valid these are, because they vary in qualify. The point I want to make now is that most people do not want to start a business, but just want employment with a company.
What does employment mean? Well, most people are looking for a set hourly rate or salary. They may want benefits too. And these people want a set shift, or at least set duties. Do not misunderstand me. I love running a home based business, but I know that what I do is not for everybody. Besides, it took me years to get the skills I needed to run my business. I worked at another job while I got my business started. And many people need to generate income right away!
What Should People Look For?
If you see a posting for a home office job, it should have some requirements. Just like any other employer, these employers will require experience, skills, or equipment. For instance, a typical home based customer service job may ask for a year of customer service experience and a quiet place to handle phone calls. A virtual online assistant job may ask for certain computer skills, like the ability to edit documents or update a database. And even though these real jobs will probably provide some training, they will expect applicants to have some skills to start.
What Should You Avoid?
If you want to find a job you can perform at home, be very wary of ads with pictures of fast cars, beach houses, and beautiful women in bathing suits! If the ad looks to good to be true, it is probably not really a job posting. Look for a posting that is specific about the job duties, requirements, and application process.
So How Can You Find A Home Based Job with Pay?
You can try to use a major search engine. Look for terms like real work at home jobs. If you have an idea of what sort of work you might like to do, try to search for that with a telecommuting option. This should help you. You could also look on the major employment websites. But again, be aware that you are bound to find may listings that are not really job posts, but are something a bit deceptive.
Is There an Easier Way To Find Jobs?
Just like you may pay a professional to do your taxes, mow your lawn, or alter you clothes, it may be worth it to subscribe to services that concentrate on placing home based workers. Again, these services do vary in quality, so try to check them out before you spend your hard earned money on them. Look around for customer reviews so you can benefit from past experience. Some include large listings of jobs, and a big variety too.
Read our home job group review to see how this work at home job service works, and what past customers have thought of it. Marilyn Katz says we try to be a work at home community with reviews, articles, and an active home worker forum