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Tim Tyrell-Smith – Author, Career Coach [Video]

My name is Tim Tyrell-Smith. In 2007, I became officially unemployed (in between) for the first time in my career. It was joyful, stressful, freeing, exciting and frustrating all at the same time. And, in some ways, I needed to make a game of it.

To find unique analogies that I could use to maintain a positive and confident psychology. You see, there is something very stimulating about being on the job hunt. You get to test your skills against many others and in front of a great variety of hiring managers. Where else do we really get to compete in life anymore?

Plate spinning as the first analogy for job search, career and life

The act of plate spinning was the first analogy I identified because its focus was on efficiency – the best, most productive use of time spent. And it led to the original name I used for the blog and website. You see, I found during my own search that people were tapping into too few resources and using them up beyond their usefulness. See my intro blog post for the full story. And I think we have opportunities to apply this idea broadly throughout life.

I originally called it “spin strategy”

Building this community is an act of thanks to all who helped me during my own search. To get started, I created a name and a logo (after all, I’m in marketing) and started to share the idea with a few friends. I then created a set of tools to help job seekers identify and determine how best to use their network – all based initially on the analogy of plate spinning. As the concept matured and caught on, job seekers wanted more than just a concept or a tool. They wanted a broad menu of resources so I started to blog and began to create free downloads to support the job search. And plate spinning became just one of many ideas to share.

Then I made some changes . . .

About 15 months into creating the concept, I decided to make a change. To re-jigger things a bit. So I re-named the blog and combined it with the website. It became Tim’s Strategy. After all, it did originate in my head, right? And every day I write or build a new tool, the strategy gets more complete. So now I am working on ways to pull it all together. There is an ebook, an eworkbook, and a new hard cover book in process that I hope to publish in the more traditional way. But in reality, the content is not mine alone. Like anything that is created from experience, it is never one person’s strategy alone. But it’s mostly mine!

You can read more about my story in this article by Peggy Lowe of the Orange County Register “Unemployment Was My Big Deep Breath“.

It’s A Competitive Market

But, let’s be clear. Tim’s Strategy is still a very young concept. I hope it will become a great resource for lots of people. But today it is an interesting idea waiting for you to share it with others. There are a lot of great resources out there on the web to help with career and personal development. I only hope Tim’s Strategy adds to the quality content available and does so in a fun and inventive way.

So, what’s next?

As I find time in the early morning, evening and on weekends, I continue to write on the blog and look for new ways to bring this concept to life. We may do a few national webinars or seminars in Southern California to get away from the computer, meet you and share our ideas in a more personal way.

Charles Purdy – Senior Editor [Video Interview]

Charles Purdy is the senior editor of Monster+HotJobs; he has appeared on CNN’s “Your Bottom Line,” Fox Business News, and Wall Street Journal Radio, and his [amazon_link id=”B001N0ZVN2″ target=”_blank” ]career advice[/amazon_link] has appeared on,, CBS, and many other financial sites. He is also the author of the book “Urban Etiquette” and a former managing editor of “Macworld” magazine.

Ken Carson – CEO Finding Work Today [Video Interview]

Finding Work Today, as you might have guessed, was founded by a headhunter and a consulting executive, a father and son team. Both Cliff Carson and Ken Carson bring a unique set of skills and more than 55 years of combined professional headhunting, marketing and many years of consulting experience to the company. The other executives in the company are also very senior consultants and each of them has more than 25 years of experience in either career coaching, marketing or operations.

Long before internet job boards and LinkedIn existed, there were Headhunters. Today they are called recruiters or placement specialists, but they are no longer called Headhunters. Real Headhunters were both feared and admired by all companies. This was because real Headhunters had a unique ability to find out exactly what was going on at any company and find and talk to anyone at any level.

Today, the secrets of those old Headhunters have been lost as modern "recruiters" post jobs on the internet and collect resumes.

Finding Work Today has created a unique online course on how to get started and succeed in the consulting business. Many of the techniques that are detailed in the course are based on Ken’s 25 years of experience as a sales and marketing executive in a variety of consulting firms, including management consulting, business consulting and high technology consulting companies. After growing and selling his first consulting firm, he spent 3 years as a senior marketing executive with a $1.2 billion dollar a year, global IT consulting company. After working for other consulting firms, he decided to become a consultant himself and started his own consulting firm specializing in cost-effective marketing for small businesses and sales process consulting for larger high technology companies. However, what really makes this course unique is that some of the old headhunter secrets that Cliff, Ken and the other executives at Finding Work Today pioneered are incorporated into this course as key elements of the networking strategies that are so important in finding consulting jobs. Everyone knows that networking is the key to consulting. So part of this course teaches you networking old headhunter style.

Ken Carson, started his career learning at the feet of the master, joining his father’s firm as a rookie straight out of Boston University. As his career progressed, he was rapidly promoted to Vice President largely due to his ability to take his father’s already unconventional techniques and refine them even further. Father and son soon achieved near legendary status in the Headhunting industry.

After landing his first job at a software consulting firm, eventually Ken went on to start his own consulting firm as CEO. He grew his first company from 3 software engineers in a small office over a pizza shop to a publicly traded company with 460 employees and $52 million in sales. He played a key role in selling his second software company for $200 million. He went on to start 2 more software companies with equally impressive results, in the process creating over a billion dollars in returns for his investors and stockholders. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for two high technology companies and is still actively working in consulting.

Chris Forman – Founder, CEO Startwire [Video Interview]

Chris Forman, CEO of Startwire says "For the last 10 years, Tim McKegney and I have spent most waking hours building new tools and technologies to make it easier for great companies to find great people. Our stuff was pretty good. It won most of the awards they hand out for recruiting technology and was used by a lot of really smart people at close to 70% of the Fortune 500.

After we sold our business, we decided we weren’t done. We looked at the other side of the recruiting equation – the job seeker – and saw that they could really use some help.

We spent a few months skiing, farming (yes we both live on farms), running, and thinking. The result was StartWire™ – where your friends and experts help you to find work.

We felt that job seekers needed a private place where they could leverage the knowledge and connections of their friends as well as the advice and experience of experts who really know job search – all without having to worry about what their boss or future employer could see.

And it’s just the beginning. In the next few months, you’ll be seeing more new ideas and tools.

Please try StartWire™ to energize your job search. And talk to us about how you’re using it? We want to make StartWire™ the best possible way to get hired. Drop us an email or an old-fashioned phone call."


Jan Marino – Career & Branding Coach, Author

Jan Marino is a personal career management and branding expert, speaker, author and founder of High Gain Companies, Inc.  She is committed to helping baby boomers develop a powerful personal brand and increase their business success. Her latest book ”Take Back Your Career” will be released soon. Today’s career game is the ultimate contact sport and the playing field, rules, teams and plays are very different. Jan has been downsized, right sized, oversized and undersized and she knows first hand how career transitions can affect boomers.  Jan has worked with hundreds of clients; directing them to take back their personal power and move forward with their lives.

Kerry Hannon, AARP, USA Today Columnist, Author [Video Interview]

Kerry Hannon, a career reinvention and transition expert, is a nationally acclaimed personal finance contributing editor and retirement correspondent for U.S. News & World Report and a featured blogger on second careers at Kerry is also is the Great Jobs for Retirees columnist for

Her latest book, Amazon bestseller What's Next? Follow Your Passion and Find Your Dream Job (Chronicle Books), is available online and in bookstores across the country.

Kerry is the author of Getting Started In Estate Planning (John Wiley & Sons), Suddenly Single: Money Skills for Divorcees and Widows (John Wiley & Sons), Ten Minute Guide to Retirement for Women (MacMillan Publishing), and You and Your Money: A Passage from Debt to Prosperity (Credit Education Group). She has penned one non-fiction saga of an American Indian Trading Post, Trees in a Circle: The Teec Nos Pos Story (Teec Nos Pos Trading Post).

Kerry has previously served as a reporter and personal finance columnist for USA Today and as a writer and editor for U.S. News & World Report, Money, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, and Forbes. She was a regular women and money columnist for

Kerry’s work has been published in CBS,,, AARP Bulletin Today, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Readers Digest, Good Housekeeping, Institutional Investor and Advertising Age, among other national publications.

She has appeared as a financial expert on ABC News, CBS, Fox, CNBC, and CNN and has been a guest on numerous radio programs, including National Public Radio’s “Talk of The Nation.”

Hannon received a Bachelor of Art’s degree from Duke University and is currently a member of an editorial board at Duke.

Howard Adamsky – Recruiter and Author of Employment Rage [video interview]

Howard Adamsky has been recruiting since 1985 and is an industry expert on making great hires. As a consultant, writer, and public speaker he works with organizations to support their efforts in building strong companies.

Howard Adamsky is also the author of Employment Rage: What you've lost and how to get it back and Hiring and Retaining Top IT Professionals: The Guide for Savvy Hiring Managers and Job Hunters Alike/The Guide for Savvy Hiring Managers and Job Hunters Alike published by Osborne/McGraw-Hill as part of the Computerworld Books for IT Leaders Series.

Adamsky is a politically incorrect, atypical thinker who solves problems and gets results. His work has made an enormous difference with his clients as he supercharges the talent acquisition process and hires smart, motivated employees. He is a regular contributor to ERE Media, a Certified Internet Recruiter, and a Certified Diversity Recruiter.

His newest book, Employment Rage says

What you’ve lost and how to get it back

“This book was written for the job seekers and the underemployed in our struggling economy. This is not a self-help book; it’s a manuscript of concepts and ideas; a book of observations and new realities. It is a book that addresses what has happened to you personally and professionally, then offers tools and better ideas that will give you insight to create real change.

Who Should Read This Book?

Anyone who’s been affected by the economic meltdown and struggles with unemployment or underemployment; anyone who’s tired of self-help books and needs new tools and better ideas that will offer insight and create real change; anyone who wants the value that comes from an industry expert who reads your resume first and understands what truly works for today’s job seeker.

From the heart to the wallet, Employment Rage will help readers pursue their professional goals and finally win the war for self-respect and redemption

Erinn O’Connor, President and Co-Founder

Erinn O’Connor is the co-founder of and  has been in the recruiting business for more than two decades, and brings extensive experience to  Prior to launching the website, Erinn owned and operated her own firm, The O’Connor Group, where she successfully placed thousands of candidates at organizations including Chrysler, General Electric and Compuware.  She also spent nine years as a recruiter for Olsten Staffing Services.

Recognizing no two individuals or companies are alike, her goal is to identify the right fit for both the employee and the employer.  Erinn has effectively helped numerous businesses improve their overall hiring success, increase productivity and efficiency, and minimize employee turnover.

Erinn holds a bachelors degree in math from Western Michigan University.

Marcia Heroux Pounds- Author, Editor, Columnist on Careers

Marcia Heroux Pounds has been writing about business, management and career issues for more than two decades. As the workplace columnist for the Sun Sentinel and author of I Found a Job!: Career Advice From Job Hunters Who Landed On Their Feet: Career Advice from Job Hunters Who Landed on Their Feet (see attached Flyer), Marcia reports about the job market and answers readers’ questions about career issues on She earned her Masters in Business Administration with a certificate in International Studies in 2000 from Florida Atlantic University Marcia Heroux Pounds has been writing about business, management and career issues for more than two decades. As the workplace columnist for the Sun Sentinel and author of I Found a Job!: Career Advice From Job Hunters Who Landed On Their Feet: Career Advice from Job Hunters Who Landed on Their Feet (see attached Flyer), Marcia reports about the job market and answers readers’ questions about career issues on She earned her Masters in Business Administration with a certificate in International Studies in 2000 from Florida Atlantic University

Randi Bussin

Randi Bussin is a career reinvention “strategist,” a rare quality that distinguishes her from other career coaches. Her web site is She thrives on partnering with bright and successful New Englanders seeking more meaningful work aligned with their values, and reignites the internal spark and passion that has been dimmed by their current professional role. She guides them to gain clarity, a renewed sense of direction, and an actionable career reinvention plan. Reinvention could be an entirely new career, a new job more closely aligned with one’s values, an entrepreneurial pursuit based upon a passion, or a retirement game plan.

Gerrit Hall – Co Founder Rezscore, Serial Entrepenuer

Gerrit Hall is the co-founder and CEO of RezScore,a free online tool to help you grade your resume. Simply upload your resume in most formats (sadly, no pdf or docx yet) and we’ll assign a letter grade. After uploading, you have the option of paying for a full report.

To create your RezScore ranking, we interviewed hiring managers, HR directors, job search experts and certified resume writers. We asked them to grade nearly a hundred resumes on thirteen different dimensions. After nearly a year of complex statistical analysis and natural language processing, we built the world’s first and only model to automatically score a resume.

Gerrit has spent his career helping grow small companies in the telecommunications space. He most recently worked as a business analyst for the Spoken Hub, where he applied his numbercrunching skills to boost fundraising yields of political candidates. Prior to this he worked at Sonic Boom Games, where he architected an infrastructure for a ringtone mixer which supported 70% of Sprint’s data traffic in its time.

Back in the day, you may have caught Gerrit Hall on the 1999 Jeopardy Teen Tournament, where he placed fourth out of fifteen contestants. He enjoyed a brief comedy career as a founding member of New York’s acclaimed Audience of Two troupe, before realizing his other entrepreneurial ambitions were more lucrative. He was also a semi-finalist on the short-lived ABC television program “American Inventor” for an LED car wheel display he built.

Gerrit is an alumnus of the University of Melbourne and holds BAs in Physics and Religion. Outside RezScore, Gerrit contributes to the strategic and product direction at Groupable, and is a regular contributor to the startup advice site Bootstrapper. Gerrit also hosts the “Vital Topics” panel of theRoad2Shambala podcast and spearheaded the 2log competitive blogging platform. In his scarce free time he enjoys soccer, hiking, bicycling, writing, and reviving vintage text adventure games.

Carolyn Thompson – Recruiter, author, career coach, entrepreneur

Carolyn Thompson‘s passion is to help others by teaching, coaching and motivating them in how to get ahead in their careers and in life. is the business that she created to provide these specialized services in a variety of formats, from one-on-one sessions, to private sessions with your employees at your office, or to larger gatherings at luncheons, seminars, and conferences.

A creative entrepreneur and a certified career coach, she is regularly published on topics relating to job search and executive recruiting in various national magazines, trade journals, and on the Internet. Carolyn is an active member of the International Coaching Federation*and is certified by both the National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) and the American Staffing Association (ASA) as a continuing education provider. She is a frequent speaker and has received rave reviews as an engaging and enthusiastic presenter on a variety of topics as a member of the National Speakers Association.

Carolyn is also a member of the prestigious Pinnacle Society**. Carolyn has been an executive recruiter since 1988 and her personal billings consistently exceed $1.5M annually.

An alumnus of kansas state university, carolyn is the author of  Ten Easy Steps to a Perfect Resume, Ten Steps To Finding The Perfect Job, and Ten Secrets to Getting Promoted available on

Carolyn’s blog can be found at