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Richard Nelson Bolles on Following Your Instincts

It is easy to presume that someone who has been as successful as Dick Bolles is a highly disciplined worker who achieves more in the rest of a day than most of us!  When asked how he sticks with one task to get things done Dick gives a most enlightening and endearing response.

By Jenni Proctor

Richard Nelson Bolles on Being Entrepreneurial

Richard Nelson Bolles has been very entrepreneurial during his career, with 50 books in publication, a reputation for running outstanding workshops, and a website full of great information for job seekers.

When asked what he would focus on if he was starting in private practice now he said he would do what he most loves: training career counsellors to be even better than they are, and writing. He described the internet as being “both a blessing and a curse” and elaborated on different potential impacts of the internet.

By Jenni Proctor

Richard Nelson Bolles on Moving Into the Digital Age

At a time of life when most people are no longer involved in their career, Dick Bolles lives what he has always shared with others…do work that you love. When asked what he'd been up to lately, Dick Bolles laughingly replied "Mischief mainly!". In this conversation he gives you inside information about where he is taking his business, and the products that we will see from him in the next year.

By Jenni Proctor

Richard Nelson Bolles – On Being An Artist

Richard Nelson Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute, describes career as being the expression of 'an artist at work' and reflects on the medium he most enjoys working with in this informal conversation with Jenni Proctor from Clarity Career Management and Boomers Next Step.

By Jenni Proctor