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Turning 13 Most Overused Resume Phrases to Talent

You too can turn these 13 into solid examples of talent. During the whole duration of your career, you have achieved many strength and courage, gone beyond several goals and excellent in numerous skills. Still, you are still in the class of job seekers and yet you can not even put in mind or know the way out of it.

This is to tell you that you have to update your resume, whether you are a job seeker or not. When you are not truly updated in your resume, you will not only forget all the necessary contents that will make you stand distinct before your employer but while rushing yourself to submit your resume in order to keep the deadline, then you will end up submitting the same thing you have been submitting all this while or even submit the same things that job seekers that are rejected are submitting. This will make you have equal chance with the others. Even professionals in career always tell the job seekers to always run away from common mistakes people are making in their resumes, but the great mistakes that job seekers mostly make when writing resumes while applying for job is using phrases and ideas which are used so often that has become stale and meaningless and possibly the stupid social blunder to be committed.

Kathy Sweeney says the chances of an applicant to be distinguished even when submitted a resume that is full of overused contents is lean. Kathy Sweeney is a certified professional writer of resume in a company known as “The Writer resume”. Kathy also said that a resume is also a marketing tool which must be used judicially to recognize the differences between the candidate and others competing keenly for the same position.


Firstly by looking at a candidate’s resume, what the focus of an employer will first go to is your career advancement: solid fulfillment, he will also look into your resume if there is any gap in your employment history and your potential development within the employer’s organization. A woman called Sally Stetson, the owner and principal of an executive search firm confirm the above statement. Job seekers have to state their talents inside their resume because the employers will like to see the significant fulfillment instead of listing the duties of the job.


Kathy Sweeney said in her words that the employer use keywords search on the resume of the applicant in their database to shortlist the applicants. Only the applicants that used the keywords will stand out while others will be dropped. In other words, employers based it on exclusive much more than inclusive. Keywords are not common word used or the word that has been used again and again. But keywords are concrete words like business development, sales or marketing. Find here the 13 overused resume phrases used by job seekers and how to turn each of them to a great example of your talent.

Overuse No. 1: The phrase “strong communication, customer service and also organizational skills” is rephrase to “Possess strong communication, customer service and organizational skills that lifted customer satisfaction and time delivery of assigned projects as 100%”.

Overuse No. 2: The phrase “Introduced new products” can be re-phrased to “Introduced, developed and launched new successfully products that promote the market share and contributed millions to the fundamental profitability”.

Overuse No.3: The idea “Track record of success” can be re-phrased as “constantly above sales goal each year”.

Overuse No. 4: The phrase “go to person” can be rewritten as “Appointed by CEO for special duty that benefits customer retention”.

Overuse No. 5: The phrase “Team player” can be rewritten as “Possessing solid commitment to team environment dynamics with the ability to follow the leadership guide at suitable time and also the ability to prove your expertise”.

Overuse No. 6: The words “possess leadership, communication, inspirational and motivational knowledge” can also be rephrase as “communication, motivational, inspirational skills with highly effective leadership”.

Overuse No. 7: “More than all productivity objectives for the department” can also be re-phrased as “exceeded productivity aims and objectives, establishment of best practices to promote employee output”.

Overuse No. 8: “The words “company spokesperson” can be reframe as “highly successful company spokesperson that makes positive media relations”.

Overuse No. 9: Write as “collaborated with very important people of the finance and information technology departments in order to improve and establish a new sales tracking tool”. Don’t write as “partner with others”.

Overuse No. 10: Write as “successful relationship with clients to make recurring and referral business which results in ordering of new products”, not “talking to present customers daily”.

Overuse No. 11: Negotiator, Professional presenter and business person can be re-phrased as “Negotiator”, expert presenter and businessperson that are able to make concrete relationship with customers”.

Overuse No. 12: The phrase “Managed cross-functional teams” can be rewritten as “cross-functional teams in the perfection of company productivity, quality and fundamental aims”.

Overuse No. 13: The phrase “To solve customer problem quickly can be rephrase as “consistently solving customer problems in an expedient and tactful way”.

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