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Advertisement for Peppa Pig concert in Brisbane

What’s Peppa Pig Got To Do With Love?

A Date With My Grandchild I am thrilled to have booked tickets to a concert that I really want to go to. No, it's not Sting and Paul Simon. I really really wanted to go to that but my plans of a weekend with friends at the Pokolbin concert in a vineyard have fallen through. […]

Komiza Croatia

Travel to Croatia

We have just booked an amazing holiday for August next year.  We are going to Croatia and will be cruising and touring there for 3 weeks.  We tend to be independent travellers, finding our own deals, deciding on the itinerary and then getting a bit off the beaten track where possible.  However this particular trip comes […]

Signpost for crossroad between work and retirement

Planning to Retire? Five Important Issues

This infographic is a summary of the blog post Planning to Retire? Five Issues You Must Discuss With Your Partner previously published on this site.  The issues which are listed are very broad topics and this is just a brief introduction.  Each of the issues will be discussed in more detail in future blog posts on […]

older worker wearing hard hat and writing on clipboard

Are Older Workers More Reliable?

Study of Older Workers A study undertaken at Berlin’s Max Planck Institute for Human Development compared the consistency of workplace performance and reliability of older workers aged 65 to 80 years old with younger workers aged 20 – 31 years old. The testing took place over 100 consecutive days and 12 repeated tasks measured perception, episodic […]

Lao children

Volunteering Overseas: Passion and Purpose

Having a sense of purpose, and feeling that we have made a difference in the lives of others, becomes increasingly important to many people as they reach the later stage of their career or enter retirement years. Good causes are all around us, each with compelling reasons why we should help them. If you aren’t […]

Fencing demonstration

What WEIRD jobs did YOU do as a starting entrepreneur?

YOU are responsible Being an entrepreneur to me means that you are responsible for everything.  And the most important of those activities is providing the inspiration, guidance and leadership to establish, maintain and grow your business. …

"Maasai Woman Dressed Up for Party - Tanzania"

The World Doesn’t End With The Blue Sky

By Daniel Noll By Esupat, a Maasai woman in northern Tanzania. “ You can call me Airport ,” Esupat said, laughing. She sat atop a Maasai hut with her legs crossed, straddling a half-built chimney. Small piles of bricks surrounded her; wet cement fell…  

retirement nest egg

Planning to Retire? Five Issues You Must Discuss With Your Partner

Most long term relationships have their share of communication black spots.  You learn to navigate around them, sharing day-to-day life comfortably but avoiding the issues that you suspect are likely to cause conflict or discomfort. Then suddenly the concept of retirement looms.  Someone asks you outright “Are you planning to retire soon?" or worse still “So […]

Coromandel Peninsula NZ

Travel in New Zealand – Coromandel Peninsula

About 2 hours drive from Auckland New Zealand is the Coromandel Peninsula, an area of extremely beautiful scenery.   Blue seas, glorious bays, many islands dotted in bays and thriving small towns made this a highlight of our visit to New Zealand's North Island.  The official New Zealand tourism website describes the area glowingly.   "The Coromandel, with its pristine […]

quotation about death

The Big Send Off

Family and Funeral Traditions I recently watched Billy Connolly’s “Big Send Off”, looking at different death and funeral traditions around the world. It was a fascinating examination of how we humans have a universal need to grieve the loss of a loved one by demonstrating how much we cared about them and recognizing their life […]

older man at computer

Preparing For Possible Redundancy

It seems that the threat of redundancy is circulating in many major companies right now. With that threat comes worry and a massive sense of insecurity. No-one knows what is going to happen. No-one feels that they have any control over the decisions that are being made further up the food chain. Morale declines. Friends […]

Mercury Bay

Travel in New Zealand: Coromandel Peninsula Cruise

We recently enjoyed a brief road trip around the central part of the North Island of New Zealand. The scenery was spectacular, the food was world class and it was a wonderful way to relax and re-energise. The Coromandel Peninsula is an area of New Zealand we had never visited before. I puzzled about why, […]

Man wearing construction helmet

Losing Your Job Can Be Emotional

Redundancy isn't the sort of news you expect to get by text message.  The major construction company Thiess has sent out text messages to staff working on a specific project to tell them that their services are no longer required.  The message was factual, offering information updates, a contact email and phone number, and finish dates. […]

figure on treadmill

Are You Suffering from Information Overload?

Are you in Information Overload? I know that I am. Yes, I confess it…I am overloaded with information. But I have to also say that it's not all the time.  And most of the time I like where I am at with all of this new information coming at me. …    

Older woman looking in mirror

Women….Plan For Retirement, Not Burnout

Author: Renee Hills When chatting with a group of third age women recently I was struck by how few had consciously planned how they would leave the workforce. Indeed, some were struggling to deal with the reality of being physically or emotionally unable to continue in their roles and adjusting to premature retirement. One woman had […]


Live Full, Die Empty

Thank you to my friends Greg and Fiona Scott,The Laptop Lifestyle Experts,for this thought-provoking article.  "Live Full, Die Empty" (Les Brown) Will you have any regrets on your deathbed?????? It's a morbid topic, we know, but . . . it can help form our decisions on how we live our lives right now!!!!!!!! Which is […]

older man looking directly at camera

Are Baby Boomers Older, Sicker, Fatter and More Sedentary?

Baby boomers are "older, sicker, fatter and more sedentary" than the previous generation, according to Dr Beth Seidenberg's article Baby Boomers: Here’s How Digital Health Tools Can Save You Money – And Save Your Life Boomers have higher rates of chronic disease and lower self-rated health than members of the previous generation at the same age, according […]


What Can You Do If You Are Over 50 And Looking For a Job?

Any job seeker needs to be able to articulate the value they bring to an organisation, but if you are over 50 and looking for a job this is even more critical.  This video explores the areas in which you can demonstrate your value to them. Can you save them time or money? Can you improve their […]

older man looking at camera

Coping With The Death Of Your Parents

It doesn't matter how old you are, or how emotionally mature, when a parent dies it has a huge impact on your life. I recall sitting at my mother's funeral, surrounded by a loving husband and children as well as wonderful extended family, feeling bereft. My mother was close to 90 and had Alzheimers. She […]

Brisbane River from Hamilton

Give Me Brisbane Any Day

It is wonderful to travel the world, and to dream of the places you could visit, but at the same time it is so easy to overlook the treasures that are close to home.   Brisbane is a city like that.  It doesn't have the visual magnificence of Sydney, screaming "Look at me!" whenever you go […]

Older woman looking depressed

Are You The Same Person You Were Ten Years Ago?

There are few things more depressing than looking back at old photos from many years before and realising how much your appearance has changed. Visually the changes are obvious and you can't help but acknowledge them.  But the changes that take place in our psychology are much more subtle.  We are constantly changing our thoughts, […]

I love my job sign

What Not To Do When Making A Career Change

Are you one of the 13% of people who consider that they are in the right job?  Or, more likely, are you one of the 87% who know that their work isn’t ideal for them but put up with it?  Sometimes people unhappily endure a career that isn’t right for them for the whole of their […]

Older woman blogging

Blogging is an Extension of Your Resume

Your resume is an essential tool in the business world. It allows you to impress potential employers and qualify for job interviews. When posted online, it can also help you find job leads. As the job market becomes more competitive, however, you need to find ways to make your application stand out in the crowd. […]

hobbit feet

Healthy Feet v My Hobbit Feet

My Hobbit Feet don't meet the ideal requirements for healthy feet I’ve always hated my feet.  One of my relatives (who only got away with it because his are similar) once described them as Hobbit Feet and that’s how I always think of them….short, sturdy, broad, with stubby toes (even a bit hairy if left unchecked).  […]

man on a computer 360

Creating a Visual Resume

Think Creatively About Your Resume! In this online world sometimes you just have to think differently.  And when you are an older worker trying to find a job or a contract you definitely have to stand out from the crowd.  So I’d like to share with you a fantastic way to get yourself noticed!  I’ve […]

Baby Boomers Are Now Ready To Jump

Australian Baby Boomers Now Have Confidence To Retire

Baby Boomers Are Ready To Make The Giant Leap To Retirement  In Australia the share market and property market are looking stronger, and it seems that baby boomers may be feeling the love!  Around 5 years after the GFC encouraged many people to continue working longer than they had anticipated so they could continue to add […]

Man facing redundancy

Facing Redundancy: 8 Things To Do If You Think Your Job Might Be Made Redundant

You may have heard the rumours circulating at work that redundancies are about to be announced.  You have heard and wondered, but you really don’t expect that your job will be affected.  After all you know how hard you’ve worked and you believe that your work is valuable and valued.  How could they just suddenly […]