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Unlocking the handcuffs that tied the hand to the work desk.

Can You Really Reinvent Your Working Life?

Hoping to change your career? You are not alone. Millions of people in their mid-life and older feel the need for a change – a powerful life-changing reinvention of themselves and aspects of their everyday life. Like most of them, you are probably bored, frustrated, or feel trapped in your current job. You can make […]

Young Children Dressing Up For Careers Day

Job Interview From A Child’s Perspective

Before I was a Career Counsellor and Coach I worked as a Teacher Librarian for many years. There were many things I loved about this work, the best part being the kids. I never tired of their fresh outlook on the world, the way they could take an idea and expand it to make it […]

LinkedIn Ebook by Jenni Proctor

LinkedIn Can Be An Older Workers Best Job Search Tool

Successful job searches now are very different from the past. Just applying for jobs that have been advertised greatly diminishes your chances of success because you are up against so many other people doing the same thing. Let's face it, as an older worker you can face a few disadvantages in your job search anyway so […]

Dream Job Signpost

Do The Work You Love and Change The World

In this video Scott Dinsmore speaks passionately about how important it is to find work that you love and do that work with passion and purpose. His enthusiasm is contagious, and he speaks with the personal insight of having left the corporate world in search of work that would give his life fulfilment.  The video is […]

Marcia Bench - Inspired Business Institute

Are You Unconsciously Blocking Your Business From Growing?

Are You Unconsciously Blocking Your Business from Growing? Marcia Bench (republished with permission) If I were to ask you whether you wanted your business to grow and thrive, you would say yes, right? But far too often I find that though you may have the right strategies for growth, there are other factors blocking you […]

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Advertisement for Peppa Pig concert in Brisbane

What’s Peppa Pig Got To Do With Love?

A Date With My Grandchild I am thrilled to have booked tickets to a concert that I really want to go to. No, it's not Sting and Paul Simon. I really really wanted to go to that but my plans of a weekend with friends at the Pokolbin concert in a vineyard have fallen through. […]

retirement nest egg

Planning to Retire? Five Issues You Must Discuss With Your Partner

Most long term relationships have their share of communication black spots.  You learn to navigate around them, sharing day-to-day life comfortably but avoiding the issues that you suspect are likely to cause conflict or discomfort. Then suddenly the concept of retirement looms.  Someone asks you outright “Are you planning to retire soon?" or worse still “So […]

quotation about death

The Big Send Off

Family and Funeral Traditions I recently watched Billy Connolly’s “Big Send Off”, looking at different death and funeral traditions around the world. It was a fascinating examination of how we humans have a universal need to grieve the loss of a loved one by demonstrating how much we cared about them and recognizing their life […]

figure on treadmill

Are You Suffering from Information Overload?

Are you in Information Overload? I know that I am. Yes, I confess it…I am overloaded with information. But I have to also say that it's not all the time.  And most of the time I like where I am at with all of this new information coming at me. …    

Older woman looking in mirror

Women….Plan For Retirement, Not Burnout

Author: Renee Hills When chatting with a group of third age women recently I was struck by how few had consciously planned how they would leave the workforce. Indeed, some were struggling to deal with the reality of being physically or emotionally unable to continue in their roles and adjusting to premature retirement. One woman had […]

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