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Top Holiday Destinations for 2015

The Guardian newspaper in England has just released their list of the best holiday destinations for 2015 and I'm delighted to see that Brisbane is on the list.  Once an overgrown country town, the Queensland capital has changed beyond recognition in recent years: Lonely Planet named it Australia’s hippest city last year. Alongside hotel and […]

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Considering Retirement

People talk a lot about how important it is to have a passion for the work you do, but sometimes even the things you have a passion for can lose some of their attraction over time. I love my work, but right now the prospect of being on a permanant holiday – the traditional form of […]

Cartoon of New Years Resolutions

How To Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

DocMikeEvans has some great videos on YouTube.  I thought this one might be very helpful today, the beginning of 2015.  So relax and take 5 minutes to improve your chances of a high success rate in keeping your new years resolutions. 

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12 Factors That Affect How Much You Like Your Job

Being happy at work is related to many different factors. The work itself can be a joy to you, but if the culture of the organisation, the people you work with, or the style of management upset you then you will soon lose pleasure in the work. Which of these twelve factors are impacting on […]

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How To Regain Your Confidence

When your confidence has been shattered it is difficult to pick yourself up and move on in your career and your life. This series of 5 Slideshare presentations will help you to find ways to put together your fragmented confidence and not let it stop you achieve your goals. Five Steps To Regain Your Confidence […]

employee marked for redundancy

Get The Facts When Redundancies Are Likely

Use Your Senses Usually there are tell-tale signs leading up to a redundancy.  For a start most employees hear whispers that there is going to be a restructing of the company long before it is publicly announced.  With your ear to the ground you may find out details, but it is enough to know that […]

Infographic about redundancy

Redundancy Hurts!

Losing your job can be such an emotional experience, yet redundancy is often badly managed by companies with little regard for the emotions of individuals.

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