Thelma e Luisa Ladies Only Tour Of Italy

I’m always delighted to hear of Baby Boomers who are creating the life they want through a clever business idea or by offering a great solution that enables others to create the life experiences they desire. The guest author of this blog post Marguerite McMahon has done just that, using her years of travel experience to provide a great tour of Italy for ladies who don’t want to travel on their own.

Would you like to be part of the Thelma e Luisa Tour of Italy? 

tuscany-red-hillsWhy is this tour called the Thelma e Luisa Ladies Only Tour of Italy? Yes it is a pun on the title of the old Brad Pitt movie, but don’t worry…..we will not be driving off a cliff!

Small group, ladies only, tour of Italy

I am organising a small group departure for ladies who would like a holiday in Italy. There are many ladies…single for one reason or another, or with a partner who doesn’t want to travel…who do not want to travel in a large group, don’t want to have to pay single supplement, or perhaps would prefer the security and fun of being part of a friendly group when travelling.

The idea of this tour of Italy developed when joking with a couple of dear friends about how much fun it would be to do a “girls only” road trip touring Italy. Initially we were not seriously planning a holiday….but then the idea grew and grew.

So I am delighted to invite you to join our THELMA e LUISA LADIES ONLY TOUR of ITALY.  The numbers who can come on this exciting tour are very limited and only three places are still available. If the idea of holidaying in Italy with a small group of like-minded ladies appeals to you, don’t delay. Give me a call – 0408 765954 – or email me today to find out all about our tour.

About Marguerite McMahon
I love to travel, and I love to share the joys of travel with other people. Some people are content to just stay around home. That life does not seem to keep me exhilarated. I’ve lived and worked in England, I have been a volunteer in Israel, have worked in NZ, worked in Vienna and another place close to my heart, bella Roma. They say if you throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain you will return. Each time I go to Rome I always throw a coin in the Trevi….and so I keep going back! Come with us on our tour of Italy!

I have been working within the Travel Industry for the past 30 years. My business name is Marguerite McMahon Travel Services. I only work by appointments and if local, would go visit you at your favourite coffee shop. Otherwise I am still able to offer my personal service and attention via phone.


Images from previous tours organised by Marguerite McMahon Travel Services

Marguerite McMahon Tour Of ItalyMarguerite McMahon - Organiser of Thelma e Luisa Tour of Italy

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