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Brisbane Australia

It is wonderful to travel the world, and to dream of the places you could visit, but at the same time it is so easy to overlook the treasures that are close to home.

Brisbane River from Hamilton Brisbane Australia is a city like that.  It doesn’t have the visual magnificence of Sydney, screaming “Look at me!” whenever you go anywhere near the harbour or the beaches.  It doesn’t have the legendary shopping experiences of Melbourne, or its ingrained quirkiness (although I suggest that aspect is changing rapidly). But Brisbane has limitless things to do and see, easily accessible and often less expensive than the bigger east coast cities.

The Powerhouse theatre is a great example of this.  Converted into an eclectic space of theatres, open space, bar and restaurant, and located on the river, it is a delight to visit.  Just last week I saw Melanie Safka perform there.  We sat outside in comfort (although it is winter in Brisbane) to sip a glass of wine and enjoy a gourmet pizza, watching the City Cat pass by on the river.  After that delightful interlude we went inside to enjoy a great concert, with an audience of predominantly baby boomers, although there was a good smattering of younger fans.  In the main area all ages and stages of life were represented.  An interesting musical performance was taking place in an elevated open area, while others were taking photos of themselves and their companions using the props that were displayed to promote the Queensland Cabaret Festival.  After the show, unlike so many other cities, we walked a short distance outside to our car and were on our way home in minutes.  The Powerhouse is a world class venue, but just one of so many examples of great entertainment and interesting places to visit in Brisbane.

Another favourite place of mine is Moreton Bay where we spend a lot of time, sailing on the Bay, walking beside it and just looking at it.  It’s Brisbane’s best kept secret, but I’d rather it not share to much information about it because I love that isn’t too busy even during the weekend.

Enough of my favourites! What is your favourite place in Brisbane?


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