Croatia Cruise Experience

A Cruising Holiday: Croatia Cruise Experience

A Cruising Holiday: Croatia Cruise Experience

We have just booked an amazing holiday for August.  Croatia cruise vacation and touring there for 3 weeks sounds fabulous to me.

We tend to be independent travellers, finding our own deal and deciding on the itinerary. Getting a bit off the beaten track where possible appeals too.  However this particular trip comes highly recommended to us and its appeal was very clear when we read about it.  So we decided to give it a go.  We both love sailing but this cruising holiday was on a power boat.  Based on rave recommendations we decided to change our travel habits and go cruising in Croatia.

Komiza Croatia

It’s worth talking to an experienced travel agent

A travel agent in Perth takes a small group of people to cruise in Croatia, his country of origin, each year.  He knows the country so well and loves to share the highlights of the country with the group.  Over a few years the trip has been refined, the cruise ship has been changed and the itinerary has been altered a little.  But spirit of the trip remains the same….A small group (34 people) cruising in Croatia, having fun together and seeing the best that this beautiful country has to offer.

While we will be based on the cruise boat for much of the trip, we will meet in Zagreb and travel by road to Rijeka.  Once we embark on the boat we won’t be confined to the coastal cities.  A coach will be waiting for us in some places to take us to see special places inland then back to the boat.  For the last 6 days of the trip we will leave our boat behind, staying in Dubrovnik then travelling by coach to explore some inland areas, including the Plitvice Lakes and National Park.

Bol Centre Croatia

Croatia wasn’t always a tourist haven

When I was a young backpacker … a long time ago now …. Croatia, which was then part of Yugoslavia, was almost a “no-go” zone.  Fellow travellers spoke of how beautiful it was and how cheap to travel but it was considered dangerous, especially for female backpackers. The only one of my friends who visited there was raped and she discovered, too late, that this was not uncommon.  Politically so much has happened in the country since then, but the physical beauty and much of the history of the region remains intact.  We will be visiting ancient Roman ruins, walled cities, beautiful islands and a coastline that is stunning in photographs.  It sounds amazing to me!

So as the excitement mounts it’s time to start reading about Croatia, it’s history and geography, and choose a couple of great novels to read while relaxing and cruising in Croatia.

Moli Losinj

[Updated 2 May 2019]

We have recommended cruising in Croatia to many of our friends since that wonderful holiday.  Some have gone on an organized cruise, while others have hired a yacht.  Unanimously the verdict has been that it is a wonderful place to visit and especially a very special place to see as a cruising holiday.

Sibenik Croatia

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