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Visit Croatia

Do you want to Visit Croatia?

To Visit Croatia is a memorable experience. Croatia is a country with a deep and turbulent history. We have walked in the paths of the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Corintians and Venetians.  We met a guide whose parents, wife, and children were all born in the same village as himself, but each was born under a different ruling authority, and so each was officially born in a different country….AustroHungarian Empire, Italy, Serbia, Yugoslavia and Croatia.

The scenery is spectacular, especially the coastal villages on little islands that we’d never heard of until we booked the holiday.

Croatian coastline Traveling by small boat is ideal because you can moor in the centre of the town, disembark and you are immediately able to start your exploration.

And the swimming! Forgive me if I do a little rave here but the water is just wonderful, cool but not too cold, salty and buoyant, calm and very lovely for just moving around in the water.  I didn’t try swimming because it was so delightful just paddling around, floating and watching the passing parade of Europeans on holidays.

As time is limited to write this Visit Croatia blog post I’ll finish here, because in a few minutes I’m heading off with others to explore a pretty little village on the island of Brac.


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