Walking in the Footsteps of Ancient Civilisations in Delos Greece

Walking in the Footsteps of Ancient Civilisations in Delos, Greece

Walking in the footsteps of ancient civilisations in Delos, Greece

I won’t try and tell you the history of Delos Greece. It’s a Greek Island near Mykonos. There have been so many civilizations that contributed to the island that history all became a bit of a muddle in my mind.

What remains with me is the awe-inspiring sense of walking in the footsteps of ancient civilizations in Delos.

Temple of Delos
Temple of Delos

Delos a UNESCO World Heritage Site

At one point I sat on a stone block to rest and soak in the atmosphere. I looked around me and realized that I was sitting where many thousands would have sat since around 3000BC. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it was inhabited and developed by Pirates, Romans, Athenians, and Venetians and was once the centre of the world’s economy.

I found it quite emotional, knowing that in this very spot people’s lives had been lived and lost; love found and children raised; fortunes made and deals done; violence and death; devotion and sacrifice…All in the same place for so many millennia.

Awe-inspiring Delos where you walk the paths of many civilizations since 350BC

So many treasures in the Museum

According to Greek mythology, Apollo and Artemis were born on Delos Greece. It is where you see the sanctuary of Zeus and the famous lions of Delos. The lions that are outdoors are replicas, but some of the originals are in The Archaeological Museum of Delos, an easy walk from the ferry terminal. It houses amazing treasures from so many different civilizations that called Delos their own at one time.

Interestingly it seems that dismembering the male anatomy of statues has been a common theme over the years. Every male statue we saw was missing a vital part of his body!

Delos, Greece - UNESCO World Heritage Centre
Delos – UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Cruise  from Naxos and Paros to Delos and Mykonos

We visited Delos on a cruise that left from Naxos, picked us up at Naoussa on Paros, then took us to Delos and Mykonos, with several hours to explore at both destinations.

This combination of islands gives you a broad overview of the Cyclades Greek Islands. Unpretentious Paros. Naxos with its rugged beauty, excellent restaurants, and amazing yoghurt. Delos, so full of history. And Mykonos, the tourist haven.

If you want to know more about Delos Greece here is the link to the UNESCO information about this historic site.

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