All I Want For Christmas

All I want for Christmas is YOU … to feel some joy!

When you reflect on 2014, I hope it is with a sense of gratitude and fulfilment.  Even if you haven’t achieved your goals, even if things have gone wrong…there will be some parts of the year that stand out as positives.  It is easy to give the glib answer “Yes, it’s been a great year thanks”, knowing you don’t really feel like that at all.  It’s tempting to read those Christmas card letters which outline in detail all the wonderful things that happened to other people in the year and feel a little like climbing under a rock. We all get like that at times.

There have been some horrible things happen this year, in Australia and around the world.  You can’t help but absorb that sadness, and even some apprehension about the world we live in. But at Christmas time let’s remember the good experiences, the good people and the blessings of the year.

If you would like to do something for others this Christmas here are some ideas, and here are some more ideas to help you beat the blues.

I hope you can find joy within yourself this Christmas and recognise that all we all really want for Christmas is peace, love and respect for all.

This YouTube clip is full of youthful exhuberance and lots of humour.  I’m sure they’d have had great fun making the video!  Enjoy it and have a happy Christmas.

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Jenni Proctor