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Hi, I’m Jenni Proctor from Boomers Next Step. Remember when the formula for success in life was simply to strive for good marks at school, gain qualifications, get a great job, work hard and save for your retirement? Yes, I believed it too!

For years my husband David and I wanted to develop a business that we could operate anywhere in the world, but both of us were educated to be employees.  We had entrepreneurial dreams and ideas, but still had employee mindsets.

BoomersNextStep owners,Jenni Proctor & David Proctor14 years ago I took the giant leap!  I left my job in Education to start a business as a Career Counsellor and Coach, helping mature adults transition from one career path to another, and particularly from employment to entrepreneurship.  I had studied long and hard to gain new qualifications but sadly I hadn’t learnt how to market my new business.

About 12 years ago we realized that we were not tracking well towards having the sort of retirement we wanted. We’d saved; we’d invested; and like so many other people we’d also lost some money along the way. It didn’t help that my business was not bringing in as much as I had been earning as an employee.

Our dreams of extensive travel and helping our family were being replaced by a growing concern that we would outlive our savings. It seemed that a traditional retirement would not allow us to maintain the lifestyle we wanted.

I love helping people plan the next phase of their lives, but we realized that was not going to be enough.  We needed a way to create an income stream that would pay for the travel and other lifestyle luxuries we wanted, that would provide mental stimulation, and would interest us both.

I started attending online marketing workshops, paid for many courses and successfully marketed aspects of my business online.  It became an expensive obsession!  And SO frustrating…so many things to learn about and decisions to make!

We both believed that the Internet could enable us to develop a business model that would provide what we wanted. But it all felt like it was too hard for us to achieve.

How could we grow a business that would enable us to have the freedom to travel, the security of a substantial income, genuinely help people, and could be designed to fit around our family life such as being actively involved with our adult offspring and gorgeous grandchildren?

The simple answer is that we undertook outstanding business training that brought together all the pieces of the online business puzzle.

Boomerpreneurs learning at a retreat in Costa RicaNow I can offer my clients help in choosing the business model that is going to use their strengths and skills (similar to choosing a career) but can also train and guide them as they learn what is required to run a successful online business.  I do this through my blog Boomers Next Step.

If you have considered starting a business or have a desire to maintain your lifestyle in retirement, I can help you achieve those goals. Take action now and we will show you how.

If this sounds like something that you would like to know more about, contact me.

Don’t settle for a lifestyle that isn’t what you really want.  Take control now! Design your lifestyle business and create your dream retirement!

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