6 Part-Time Jobs To Give Your Retirement Added Purpose and Income

When you’re looking for a part-time job in retirement, you want something that will boost your income. However, you also need a position that will help boost other areas of your life at the same time. So, where should retirees look for post-retirement employment? Depending on your preferred work environment, you may want to look for some of the following suggestions.

part-time job for retirement

When You Prefer to Work from Home or While Traveling…

Being able to work remotely can have so many benefits for retirees. If you have mobility issues, working from home can be more accessible than working elsewhere, but retirees who love to travel can also benefit from taking a part-time job on the road. So, what jobs can you do remotely? Here a few part-time remote positions you can try.

Ideas for part-time job in retirement

 Dropshipping Business

If your savvy with tech and need a minimal up-front investment, then a dropshipping start-up could be the way to go. With this type of home-based business venture, you don’t need to worry about having a storefront or space for inventory and you can earn extra income by selling just about any type of product, from clothing to electronics to coffee mugs.

 Virtual Assistant Services

 For seniors who are good with tech and details, becoming a virtual assistant can provide flexible, convenient extra income. You can provide help to individuals or businesses with any small tasks needed, and you can find work via websites such as TaskRabbit.

 In-Home Pet Sitting Business

If tech isn’t your thing, you can still work part-time from home, especially if you love taking care of animals. Becoming a pet sitter is actually pretty easy, but you will want to make sure your home is always set up to welcome any furry clients. You can earn some extra money with these services, but you can also take advantage of senior pet perks without owning any of your own.

 When You’re Looking for a Break From Home…

 Being able to work from home can have benefits, but not all seniors are looking for this type of part-time job. In fact, many retirees look for post-retirement work to get out of the house, rather than just for added income. So, if this sounds like you, here are some part-time job in retirement to consider.

 Part-Time Business Consultant

 If you recently retired from a professional career, you can easily work part-time as a consultant in your field of expertise. This can be a fairly simple transition for retirees and can actually provide a better quality of life than not working at all. You’ll still be able to put your skills to good use but you can avoid the stresses of conventional positions, which could make consulting the perfect fit for your post-retirement career and lifestyle.

 National Park Agent or Maintenance

 Retirees who love nature, history, or both can benefit from working in national parks. There are several part-time jobs that seniors can choose from within areas designated as national parks, and each position has different requirements. If you love interacting with the public, consider guest services or sales, or opt for a more hands-on position, like maintenance or transportation if you want to get out but don’t want to interact with too many members of the public.

 Part-Time Substitute Teacher

You know that you need social connections, but did you know that intergenerational connections can increase your quality of life as well? When you connect with young people, you can help them make better life choices, and you get the satisfaction of having a greater sense of purpose in retirement.  One way to build these connections — and get paid in the process — is to become a relief teacher in your local school system. Many retired teachers enjoy reconnecting with students and earn a good daily pay rate in the process. Of course you need to have teaching qualifications and have maintained your accreditation.

Many options for a post-retirement career

Even if you choose to work during retirement, remember that these are your golden years. You should enjoy whatever job you take, and you should also be able to benefit from that part-time position in ways that don’t necessarily involve income. So, choose wisely when it comes time to choose your post-retirement career!

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Guest Author:  Sharon Wagner, https://www.SeniorFriendly.info

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