How to Regain Your Confidence: You Have Choices

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You have choices: Choose with confidence!

Recognizing the choices that you have, and carefully evaluating what choice feels right for you, is a way to improve your confidence when you need to make big life decisions.

The biggest difference between a confident person and someone who lacks confidence is that the confident person recognises that they have choices and they are prepared to do the research required to back their decisions.

Even if your confidence is still not strong take the time to consider the options that you currently have.Your choices must be determined by your financial security and your responsibilities, but let’s look at the choices and see if any of them are possible for you to consider.

Working less hours

In previous posts we have talked about continuing in your job but in another area within your organization, or changing careers altogether. Now we have the third element which involves the number of hours you actually work. Achieving your goals might prove to be as simple as changing from full-time to part-time work.

To add more variety to your range of options you could have a “portfolio career”, that is full-time work consisting of different part-time work. For example you could work five days a week, spending Monday and Tuesday as an independent self-employed consultant and then work Wednesday to Friday for a firm which employs you. So your options can be summarized as:

  • Full-time at the one job
  • Part-time giving yourself more free time
  • Full-time combining two part-time commitments such as an income producing job and self-employment

Job share

Sharing your job is another option to consider. A job share situation can be described as one full-time job, performed by two people each working part time, sharing the responsibilities and roles within the job.

There can be problems if one of the workers is not pulling their weight but provided both are happy in their role this can be the best of both worlds. The employer is getting two great workers, and the workers are getting the right mix of work and play, although obviously they are effectively halving their income.

Start your own business

This is an option many people choose when they make a career change. For many mature workers a home-based business, consultancy, or online business enables them to use their skills and experience for their own benefit.  However you need to be very sure that this is the right path for you before resigning from your current job.

There are pros and cons for self-employment as a career change alternative. However, if you carefully consider your decision and plan well there’s no reason why you can’t thrive and be successful.

Governments today provide considerable support for people wishing to start a small business. Many of the resources are free.  Short courses about operating a small business are readily available. If self-employment appeals to you there may be support and assistance, even financial assistance, to help you create a strong and successful business.

How to improve your self-confidence to make a life decision

Knowledge is power!

To improve your self confidence enough so that you can confidently make a big life decision you need:

Self-knowledge: Understand what you offer – your skills, your experience, your knowledge and your personality.

Self-awareness: Recognize the things that interest you, the tasks you enjoy, what you do really well, what you dislike doing, what you innately understand.

Deep understanding of the job, career path or business:  Research everything you can so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

Get some help

I’d recommend you talk with a career counsellor who will help you weigh these things up and come to a conclusion that feels right to you.  Knowing you have considered all these elements will give you a wonderful feeling of self-confidence that you have done all you can and have made the right decision.

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