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How To Regain Your Confidence

When your confidence has been shattered it is difficult to pick yourself up and move on in your career and your life. This series of 5 Slideshare presentations will help you to find ways to put together your fragmented confidence and not let it stop you achieve your goals. Five Steps To Regain Your Confidence […]

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Get The Facts When Redundancies Are Likely

Use Your Senses Usually there are tell-tale signs leading up to a redundancy.  For a start most employees hear whispers that there is going to be a restructing of the company long before it is publicly announced.  With your ear to the ground you may find out details, but it is enough to know that […]

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Redundancy Hurts!

Losing your job can be such an emotional experience, yet redundancy is often badly managed by companies with little regard for the emotions of individuals.

Quotation: Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for someone else to die.

How To Deal With Conflict In The Workplace (And At Home)

Dealing with difficult people and conflict in the workplace are serious issues that people usually point to when they are unhappy in their work.  It undermines any positive aspects of the job and frequently causes serious stress and disfunction, at work or even in an individual's private life.  In this video Dr Bill Crawford considers the underlying […]

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What’s Peppa Pig Got To Do With Love?

A Date With My Grandchild I am thrilled to have booked tickets to a concert that I really want to go to. No, it's not Sting and Paul Simon. I really really wanted to go to that but my plans of a weekend with friends at the Pokolbin concert in a vineyard have fallen through. […]

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Planning to Retire? Five Important Issues

This infographic is a summary of the blog post Planning to Retire? Five Issues You Must Discuss With Your Partner previously published on this site.  The issues which are listed are very broad topics and this is just a brief introduction.  Each of the issues will be discussed in more detail in future blog posts on […]

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Planning to Retire? Five Issues You Must Discuss With Your Partner

Most long term relationships have their share of communication black spots.  You learn to navigate around them, sharing day-to-day life comfortably but avoiding the issues that you suspect are likely to cause conflict or discomfort. Then suddenly the concept of retirement looms.  Someone asks you outright “Are you planning to retire soon?" or worse still “So […]

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The Big Send Off

Family and Funeral Traditions I recently watched Billy Connolly’s “Big Send Off”, looking at different death and funeral traditions around the world. It was a fascinating examination of how we humans have a universal need to grieve the loss of a loved one by demonstrating how much we cared about them and recognizing their life […]

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Are You Suffering from Information Overload?

Are you in Information Overload? I know that I am. Yes, I confess it…I am overloaded with information. But I have to also say that it's not all the time.  And most of the time I like where I am at with all of this new information coming at me. …    

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